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Dunkin is a coming 4 yr old that was imprinted and handled from birth at Bridle Ridge Gaited Horses in Wisconsin then transported west as a yearling to live with us. He’s been handled extensively on the ground using natural horsemanship methods. Spent many hours out on trail walks exploring sights and new obstacles in his younger years. Sent out for saddle training with a local trainer October 2010 thru December 2010, then spent January 2011 thru April 2011 turned out to pasture (no fault of his own, I had major back surgery and was not allowed to ride during that time). Since May 2011, Dunkin has been ridden 1-3 days a week in the pasture and out on the trails with another horse until the recent cold weather arrived. He has been out on 2-3 short trail rides alone and did just fine. Not spooky, just very attentive to things going on around him. Dunkin is a kind horse, with a heart of gold and a ton of try once he has your trust. Respectful, but not a pocket pony. He has a big motor for a little guy and when asked, can step it up and engage his ground covering running walk or he can mosey along with the slow pokes. Now working on his foxtrot. Due to his young age, he would do best with a confident, knowledgeable rider who can help him explore the world he needs to see and give him a job to do. Only selling due to lifestyle changes as a result of major back surgery. Loving, APPROVED home is a MUST! Additional pics/video on YouTube. Search on grmiller125,channel. For more information on Dunkin, please contact Gina Miller at grmiller125@gmail.com or phone (509) 366-5737. Asking Price: $2,700.00

Disclaimer: Bridle Ridge Gaited Horses does not own or represent this horse. He is listed for a friend. Please send all inquires to Gina Miller at:
Email: grmiller125@gmail.com
Phone: (509) 366-5737

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