The video below shows Future with approximately 90 days of training. He had 60 days in 2007 and 30 days in 2008 and 2010 with Zeke Zacharias. Zeke's focus is on horsemanship first and foremost in his training program and will work on collection and asking for various gaits once a solid foundation is put down. Check back in the "future" for more videos.
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Future is a wonderful asset to our breeding program. Though he is now a gelding, we are offering frozen semen on him. This is a very limited supply. He has crossed beautifully with our hand-selected mares. He is one of only a few rare grullo stallions in the breed. He is not only "color" though. He has a very sensible mind. His conformation exemplifies the breed standard. He is an extremely gaited stallion and has shown us a multitude of gaits. When left to be at liberty in the pasture, he foxtrots beautifully. When being ridden, he has performed for us a foxtrot, running walk, saddle rack, and steppy pace. Whatever gait he does, he is incredibly smooth and an absolulte blast to ride! He is extremely agile and will do side-passes and rollbacks effortlessly. He is soft, supple, and very responsive to his rider. He is one of those horses that is very willing to work with you and tries extremely hard to do things right the first time; he is sensible and sensitive. These are all very important traits that we look for in our horses. We have recently added a video of Future making his first public appearance at his very first EXCA race. Thank you Zeke Zacharias for doing such a great job with Future. Future is a proven producer. His foals are very gaited, have excellent conformation, and great dispositions. Be sure to visit his foals page.
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Future's Pedigree - note some well-known old time breeding there.
Future's Foals - pictures.
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