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Gemma was born on June 13, 2009. We have given her a farm name of "Gemma" because she's a little gem. She is out of our mare, Koko Bean and our stallion, DFE's Future Is A Dun. This little filly is sweet, sweet, sweet. She is quiet and very feminine. Gemma suffered a leg injury in July. This required daily dressing changes and hydrotherapy. Thus, she has had a lot of handling. She has been a little champ through it all. Gemma is smart and listens well. She has shown several different gaits. We are thrilled with this cross and will repeat it again in 2010. This filly is grulla and roan. The video was taken October 21, 2010. Gemma is being ponied by Tim and his gelding, Major. Gemma has a bareback pad on getting used to a girth and something on her back.
Sold ~ Thank you Gary and Susan. We hope Gemma gives you many nice foals and lots of fun times on the trails.
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