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Gemma was born at 5:20 a.m. on June 13, 2009. We have given her a farm name of
"Gemma" because she's a little gem. She is out of our mare, Koko Bean and our stallion,
DFE's Future Is A Dun. This little filly is sweet, sweet, sweet. She is quiet and very
feminine. Gemma suffered a leg injury in July. This required daily dressing changes and
hydrotherapy. Thus, she has had a lot of handling. She has been a little champ through it
all. Gemma is smart and listens well. She has shown several different gaits. We are
thrilled with this cross and will repeat it again in 2010. This filly is grulla and roan.
Sold ~ Thank you Gary and Susan. We hope Gemma gives you many nice foals and lots of
fun times on the trails.
Below is our latest arrival. "Sage" was born at 6:15 a.m. on July 10th. She is a beautiful
bay (probably carries the seal gene) filly with two white socks and a star. She has her sire
and dam's super sweet disposition. She is bold and curious and is the first of the foals to
come check out what you're doing. She has shown us a nice solid foxtrot so far. She has
been a great little student and has been super easy to work with. She takes all her training
in stride and doesn't get fussing over anything. If you're looking for a solidly built and
foxtrotting mare that will be of nice size (15H+), consider Sage. She is for sale. $2000.00
Sold ~ Thank you Ski and Betsy. Enjoy your very first Missouri Fox Trotter. ;)
2010 photos below
Cadet (left) - Gemma
2010 photos below
Below is one of our foals from 2009. His name is BR Major's Cadet. Cadet is Tim's future
riding gelding. He has the disposition, gait, and conformation that we strive for in our
breeding program. He is out of our stallion, Future, and our mare, Maxi. This little gelding
is going to be one awesome riding horse for Tim when he is old enough. Cadet's saddle
training will start in about three years. Until then, he will be ponyed along on various
rides and continue all of his ground work training. Click here for a video that was taken on
September 11, 2010. We believe in handling our horses and exposing them to as much as
we can. This will pay off in huge dividends when the horse is old enough and ready to
start their saddle training. By then, they will be used to all kinds of things and getting in
the saddle will be a non-issue. This He is a seal dun. A seal dun is a bay horse that carries
the seal agouti (At) and has the dun markings. The only mark this little colt has is a star.
Little Pippi arrived at Bridle Ridge on June 4, 2010. She is just like her two full brothers,
Cadet & Dunkin, in conformation, gaits, and personality. She's extremely gaited and has
shown us a wide variety of gaits just like her sire and dam, Future and Maxi. Pippi is what
we strive for in our breeding program. We wish we had about five more mares just like
Maxi. This cross has been consistent and loaded with quality. Pippi has been handled
since birth and was imprinted. She is on a regular de-worming schedule. She is very soft
and responsive and willing to do what is asked of her. She even backs up with the slight
pressure pulled on her tail. I love working with foals like her - oh so smart & willing and
so much fun! Pippi is for sale. Price - $2000.00 at weaning
"Journey" is another great example of what we strive for with our breeding program.
This colt is gaited, gorgeous, and has a wonderful disposition. He is out of DFE's
Future Is A Dun
(Future) and CC Graham's Koko Bean (Bean). Journey was born June
13, 2011. He is very curious and interested in what new person or object comes in to
the pasture. We have been very pleased with this cross and will repeat it again in
2012. Journey is a grullo and roan just like his full sister, Gemma. Stay tuned for
more photos of Journey...
This is "Moon Pie." Can we say THRILLED! This is one nice filly. She is sweet, extremely
gaited, has lots of head shake going on, and is STUNNING!. She is out of Gone N Dun It
(aka Gorgeous Gus) and Dun By The Moon (Luna). This is a cross we for sure will do
again. Thank you Gary and Susan for such a grand mare and a beautiful foal. Thank you
Sandie, Sparkie and Jessie for the great name suggestion. It fits her perfectly!
Moon Pie is not for sale.