We offer a 30' x 250' run for your mare. Each run has shelter, fresh water, loose minerals and salt, hay and/or pasture. The runs are enclosed with three strands of electric rope fencing. All T-posts are covered with sleeves. We will take care of your mare just as we do ours. We know how important she is to you. We do not accept mares with foals nor do we do Fall season breeding. Our outside mare breeding season is open from May 1st through July 1st.

All breeding is done in hand. We do not allow the stallion to be next to the mare until we feel confident that she is ready. We do not want your mare nor our stallion injured. For more information on how we handle our stallions or questions regarding our breeding practices, please feel free to call us at 715-458-2447. We'd be happy to talk to you. References are available upon request.

We can be reached via email at horsen1@chibardun.net or by phone at 715-458-2447
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