Tango is a very steady 5-year-old mare. She has a willing disposition and a solid brain. She has a beautiful flat foot and fox trot gait. She has been on numerous trail rides both solo and with groups and does very well. She has been out west to South Dakota for week long camping trips; once in 2008 and once in 2009. She travels well, overnights at new places well. She stands very quiet for the farrier and gives her feet and holds them up for you. She has been on numerous trail rides in and around home and also at various locations. She spent three weeks with Zeke Zacharias in May of 2010. He worked on her whoa and go, suppling and softening with her, many solo rides, and obstacle course challenges. In the videos below you can see how sensible she is and how calm and willing she is to do what's asked. This is a mare who is only going to get better and better as the right training and time is put in to her. The videos below are of Jen riding her on May 31, 2010. Thank you Linda! May you have many smiles and miles with her.
We can be reached via email at horsen1@chibardun.net or by phone at 715-458-2447
Please see more videos of Tango on YouTube at the following links below:
Ground Work and Riding Part 1
Ground Work and Riding Part 2
Ground Work and Riding Part 3
Tango Gaiting
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