Addy arrived to Bridle Ridge on November 26, 2008. She, like all
of Rhonda & Jerry's horses, was absolutely everything they said
she was - plus more. She is a confident young filly and is willing
to listen to her handler; qualities we admire in a horse. She as
shown us a very nice head-shaking, loose-moving foxtrot and a
running walk. She is a seal dun. A seal dun is a horse with the
seal agouti (At) and dun markings. Due to a hock injury, we have
delayed our training on her. She will start her saddle training in
2011. Stay tuned for more updates on Addy. Addy's Pedigree

Addy has been sold - Thank you Kris! I hope she brings you years
and years of happy memories in your horsemanship journey.
We can be reached via email at or by phone at 715-458-2447
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