Ellie is a granddaughter of Major L. and
Zane's Lad.  She is double bred Zane's Lad
and Charmin Charlie breeding.  She has
some exceptional old time breeding in her
lines. Bloodlines like hers are hard to find
now. We cannot say enough good things
about this mare...she's one of our
favorites!!  She is sweet, sweet, sweet.
She is a solid foxtrotting horse. She is also
an absolute gem of a broodmare for us.
She allows us to do whatever we want to
her foals. She is very trusting and passes
this trusting attitude on to her get. She
has produced nothing but quality for us!
 Visit our sold page to see a few of her get
(Capone, DeMayo, Eby, just to name a few). Her
color is a beautiful liver chestnut with the
roan pattern added
. Ellie is being offered
for sale in a package deal with SCR. Please
see our For Sale page for more details.

Ellie's Pedigree
We can be reached via email at horsen1@chibardun.net or by phone at 715-458-2447