We can be reached via email at horsen1@chibardun.net or by phone at 715-458-2447
Bridle Ridge Gaited Horses

Here at Bridle Ridge, we ride our horses - from trails near our farm to South Dakota and beyond. We believe you have to experience the trails if you want to gain the knowledge needed to breed good trail horses.
Our Commitment

We participate in Extreme Cowboy and related events and clinics. Our horses are trained and handled using natural horsemanship techniques and principles. We are commited to the partnership between human and horse and strive to enhance that relationship every time we are around our horses.


See us in action - trail rides, clinics, competitions, working our horses and activity around the farm. (coming soon!)

Horses For Sale

Our foals are special - bred the finest and handled with care. We only breed for one or two each year to allow us the time we need to train and handle them to an age appropriate level. When you buy a foal from us, you will feel and see the quality.

Our Stallions

We have two outstanding stallions at Bridle Ridge - who could ask for more than a true grullo and a homozygous black blue roan - both with gentle dispositions and ultra smooth gaits. We only offer frozen semen on DFE's Future Is a Dun (grullo). We offer live cover and AI on SCR's Special Attraction.

The Mares

Our mares have been hand selected to ensure we put quality foals on the ground. We have worked very hard to get the mares we have to cross to our stallions.

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