Ever heard of Dunkin Donuts? Then you how sweet they are. That is how this little guy got his name "Dunkin." And, yes, we played on the dun part. He is everything we had hoped for and more out of the cross of DFE's Future Is A Dun and DFE's Dun To The Max. He, like all of Future's foals, has foxtrotted since hitting the ground. His little head goes up and down, up and down just like a little oil rig. You can hear the rhythm of the foxtrot when he moves. His conformation is exactly what we had hoped for from this cross. Dunkin has been a real pleasure to work with lately. He is very sensitive to what the handler is asking and is very willing to try to understand. He is as soft as butter in hand and enjoys his lessons. He stands extremely well for his hoof care. He is not what I would call a "pocket pony" but rather a very observant and inquisitive foal. He is showing more and more of his curious personality daily. He comes to greet you in the pasture and is interested in what new toy, person, or machine comes out there. He is curious and patient; two great combinations to work with. He is a true red dun. Dunkin has been tested and is heterozygous for the dun gene, i.e. carries one dun gene. Thank you Gina!
BR Pride's Special Edition, aka "Fencer/Eli" is a stunning seal brown roan. He is also homozygous for the black gene. To our knowledge, he is the only seal brown, HZ black, true roan stud colt in the MFT breed. Not only is he unique in his color and roan pattern, he is one gaiting little machine. He has done a very nice foxtrot since birth. He is out of our mare, Dundee, and our stallion, SCR's Special Attraction. This little guy is extremely friendly and loves attention. He has been handled since birth. He stands for the farrier, fly spray and grooming. He will go in to the trailer without being lead in and backs out; not allowed to turn around in the trailer. He will cross bridges and other obstacles. He is a very curious colt and is a joy to work with. He has done everything we have asked of him so far. He has such a willing and sweet attitude. We are very attached to Fencer and offer him to an approved home only. "Eli" will be living his live on a beautiful ranch in Alabama! We know he'll be loved and well taken care of! Thank you Fontaine!
"Eby" is a beautiful blue roan gelding. His only marking is a small star. He is out of our favorite mare, Ellie, and our stallion, SCR's Special Attraction. We have been extremely pleased with this cross. He has gaited since day one....he does a foxtrot and running walk. His head just a bobs up and down when he moves. His conformation is very correct. He has a very nice topline, a deep hip, gorgeous neck, and a beautiful head. He's a thinker and will study what you're doing. He is also very patient and tries hard to figure out what you are asking of him. Eby, aka "Takoda," has been sold and is now at his new home in Maryland. Thank you Linda and Roger.
"Sailor" is an extremely beautiful black colt. He has a beautiful little head and very nice conformation. He is out of our mare, Miss Molly, and our stallion, SCR's Special Attraction. This little guy is one foxtrotting machine. He has exhibited a very correct foxtrot and a nice little running walk since he was just hours old. He got up on his feet a little unsteady (like a drunken sailor) and then just started sailing around the stall; thus, his name became Sailor. This little guy is so sweet and so docile. He is a great ambassador of the type of foals we like to produce here at Bridle Ridge. He will be weaned and ready for his new home in November of 2007. Sailor has been sold and will be heading to his new home in Washington later this winter. Thank You Marilyn!
"Capone" was born on May 6, 2006. He is shedding his foal coat now and is, as expected, a true blue roan. He is out of our favorite mare, Ellie, and our stallion, SCR's Special Attraction. He has foxtrotted since day one and has tons of rhythm. His conformation is very correct. He has a nice deep hip, a great topline, beautiful head and neck, solid bone and excellent joints. The brain inside this young colt's head is next to none. He is as sweet as they come. If you're looking for a great stallion prospect or a beautiful versatile horse, please check him out. We have been extremely pleased with this cross and have repeated it again for next year. Capone will be weaned in November and will be available to leave then. Capone has moved to Oregon, Wisconsin. Thank you Sharon!
"Beanie Baby/Cheyenne" was born on June 6, 2006. This little filly is quality through and through. She is extremely correct. She has tons of rhythm. Her gait of choice is the foxtrot. She is a true blue roan with no white markings on her. She is a very easy filly to work with. She and Capone (see below) are great examples of the quality that we strive for in our breeding program; great dispositions, natural gaits, and correct conformation. She now lives in Minnesota. Thank you Jeanne!
Maverick and De Mayo have been sold to Howard and Carolyn Chatterton. They are loved and pampered on every day. Although we were initially going to keep De Mayo, one of those "perfect" situations came along. She will be going with her half-brother this fall to her new home. Like Howard said "They're two bookends." He and Carolyn are right....they belong together. Maverick is out of Scarlet (above) and our stallion, SCR.
De Mayo is out of our mare, Ellie, and our stallion, SCR's Special Attraction. Thank you Howard and Carolyn!

"Lucy" is a three year old filly. She is very nicely gaited. Her preferred gaits are a running walk and foxtrot. She has great conformation. She is a true roan. She is a sweet filly who wants to please. She will probably be around 15.1+H. She currently stands just a tad over 15H. Lucy has just completed 60 days of natural horsemanship training. She is working on her level 2 tasks. She is very soft, supple, and easy to work with. She does rollbacks, side passing, half-passes, quarter hind turns, and turns on the fore. She is now looking for her new riding partner to finish her out. She has some great breeding! If you're looking for that beautiful roan gene to add to your breeding program, don't overlook this filly. If you're looking for a nice big MFT to take you on down the trail, Lucy is your gal. Lucy is now at her new home in Arizona. Thank you Sabrina!
Vanna, or "Vanna McGee", as I call her, has some topnotch breeding on her papers. She is what I would term "old foundation bred." She is a direct daughter of Danney Joe's Golden Shadow and a granddaughter of Mack K's Yankee. Her breeding also includes Mr. Koscot and Missouri Traveler E. Vanna is Jen's main riding partner. She is quick, surefooted, and extremely athletic. She is one of those horses who tries real hard to get the answer right the first time. No matter what gait she does, she is as smooth as glass. Her foxtrot brings a smile to any person's face that gets a chance to ride her.
Vanna now resides in Tennessee. Thank you Michael and Sharon!

"Yogi" is an 8-year-old gelding. He has been trail ridden extensively. He has been out west on numerous trips. He stands 15.3H. His color is a bay but he appears almost black. He has very nice breeding and excellent conformation. He is extremely smooth to ride. Yogi has been trained with Parelli Natural Horsemanship and is currently a mid level 2 horse. Yogi has moved to Belleville, Wisconsin. Thank you Kathy!
BR Yank's Cup of Cappuccino "Cappie" is a yearling gelding. This little guy is very gaited and extremely friendly. He just shakes his head off and does an extremely natural foxtrot...no pace in this guy. He is out of Missouri Yank and our mare, Sam. If you want a good-minded and very gaited gelding for a future show prospect or to just take on down the trail, Cappie is the horse for you! He is a grandson of Mack K's Yankee and Frisco Cappuccino A. Cappie now resides in Virginia. He has a wonderful new home with Jim, Sharon, and his new pasture mates. Thank you Jim and Sharon!
Scarlet is a big, beautiful, red roan mare. She has a sweet disposition and that beautiful Koscot head and eyes. This mare's breeding in phenomenal! It includes Koscot, Perfection, Missouri Traveler E., Sterling Merry Boy, and goes back to Golden Governor three times on her papers. She can be bred back to SCR in 2005. She is being sold as a broodmare only. Scarlet has been sold to Mike and Janin Ernst. She is "living the life" now in beautiful sunny California. Thank you Mike and Janin!
"Pride" is a coming three year old gelding. He is double bred Mack K's Yankee. He is out of Missouri Yank and a Mack K's Yankee and Sun Dust E. bred mare. He should mature to 14.1 to 14.2H. This young gelding is very nicely gaited and will take you down the trail in comfort. He is current on all of his shots and has been de-wormed regularly. If you are looking for a good-minded, nicely gaited, MFT gelding, don't overlook this guy! Pride has been sold and has moved to his new home in southern Wisconsin. He and Julie are a great team together! Thank you Julie for purchasing "Squirt."
"Dolly" is a yearling filly. She is out of our blue roan mare, Miss Molly. She is out of a buckskin stallion named Bocephus Sunrise M. (a son of Southern Sunrise). Dolly is a honey roan. She has a very curious nature to her and loves attention. She is very nicely gaited. Her preferred gait in the pasture is the foxtrot! She is the first one to come up to you in the pasture to say "hello". Dolly has been sold to Dave and Schon. She is living her life as a "Georgia Peach" down in beautiful, warm Georgia. Thank you Dave and Schon!
BR Missouri Yank's Black Gold, "Doodles" has been sold to Jane Tabor. Jane owns his dam, Cricket, and fell in love with Doodles too. Her daughter, Brenda Tabor, bought Doodles as a gift to her mom. What a sweet daughter she is. He will have a wonderful life as a gelding taking Jane, and Brenda sometimes, down the trails in comfort and style! Thank you Jane and Brenda!
"Rex" is a yearling gelding. He is a true blue roan...no gray in this boy!! He is nicely gaited and has a great mind. He will make a super nice trail horse when he matures. He is out of our favorite mare, Ellie, and Rex's Class Act B. He will probably be around 14.3 to 15H when he matures. He has just a few white hairs on his forehead that are now barely visible, otherwise no other markings. If you want to go down the trail comfortably and on one flashing looking gelding, Rex will be your boy! Rex has been sold to Deana Hardin and now lives in Indiana. Watch for Rex and Deana out on the trails in the future. I'm sure he'll take her safely up and down those switchbacks! ;) Thank you Deana and Barry for giving Rex a wonderful new home!
Lil Rock has been sold to Allie Rouser. I could not have asked for a sweeter little girl to become Lil Rock's new partner. He takes care of her and she takes care of him. Allie dotes on him and makes sure that he is well taken care of. Allie, you're doing such a great job with him. We'll see you two on the trails again soon!
Serenade is a very elegant mare with a lot of presence to her. She stands 15.1H. Her gait of choice is the foxtrot. Her conformation is correct. She has a nice laid back shoulder, a nice long/deep hip, and great bone. She has been on week long riding trips, camping, ridden in large groups and does extremely well. She is a very trusting trail companion. Serenade now resides in Tennessee.
Captain is a coming three year gelding. He is nicely put together. He is a lot of fun to work with. He has had 30 days of ground work training by Zeke Zacharias last fall and has been handled extensively here. Stands great for the farrier, fly spray, and grooming. He will probably mature to around 15H. He is a compact colt and is very agile. He is a full brother to Serenade (shown above). He will start his saddle/rider training this fall when he is three. Captain now resides in Tennessee. Thank you Michael and Sharon!
We can be reached via email at horsen1@chibardun.net or by phone at 715-458-2447
Below are foals and horses that we have sold over the years.
Spice is a coming three year old. She is a half sister to both of our grulla mares, Maxi and Addy. Spice came to us in the winter of 2007. She has the gentle disposition, correct conformation, gaits, and beauty that we look for in our breeding stock. Spice has a very nice foxtrot and running walk. She is a good-natured filly and just gets better and better as she matures. Spice currently stands at 15H. She is a beautiful red dun with that gorgeous apricot coloring to her. She is out of Playboy's Country Boy and 3G's Cinderella. We may take her to Future in 2009. Thank you Cindy!
Miss Molly is as sweet as she is pretty. She is a true blue roan. She is very agile and a fun horse to ride. She has a little motor that can go all day and she does it oh so smoothly and with a very willing attitude. She does a very nice foxtrot, running walk, and saddle rack. She is athletic, quick, and surefooted. Her conformation is correct; she has a nicely laid back shoulder, a deep hip, and a nice topline. Her bloodlines include Toddy's Perfection, Merry Boy Sensation, Mr. President's Governor, Poole's Blue Boy, and many more. Miss Molly has produced three very, very nice foals for us (Dolly, Sailor, and Java). Thank you Jen!
BR Future's Cup of Java is a 2008 foal out of Future and Miss Molly. He has very nice conformation and a beautiful head; just like his sire and dam. Java is a black gelding with a small star and white on both rear legs. He is very gaited. We have seen him foxtrot, running walk, and trot. We have not seen him pace. When we are out in the pasture with the horses, he is always watching and interested in what you're doing. When he grows up, he will make a very nice riding horse and will take you down the trails safely and comfortably. Thank you Jen!
Gemma was born at 5:20 a.m. on June 13, 2009. We have given her a farm name of "Gemma" because she's a little gem. She is out of our mare, Koko Bean and our stallion, DFE's Future Is A Dun. This little filly is sweet, sweet, sweet. She is quiet and very feminine. Gemma suffered a leg injury in July. This required daily dressing changes and hydrotherapy. Thus, she has had a lot of handling. She has been a little champ through it all. Gemma is smart and listens well. She has shown several different gaits all with nice head shake. We are thrilled with this cross and will repeat it again in 2010. Gemma is going to be Jen's future riding mare when she's old enough. This filly is grulla and roan.
Sold ~ Thank you Gary and Susan. We hope Gemma gives you many nice foals and lots of fun times on the trails.
Tango is a very steady 5-year-old mare. She has a willing disposition and a solid brain. She has a beautiful flat foot and fox trot gait. She has been on numerous trail rides both solo and with groups and does very well. She has been out west to South Dakota for week long camping trips; once in 2008 and once in 2009. She travels well, overnights at new places well. She stands very quiet for the farrier and gives her feet and holds them up for you. She has been on numerous trail rides in and around home and also at various locations. She spent three weeks with Zeke Zacharias in May of 2010. He worked on her whoa and go, suppling and softening with her, many solo rides, and obstacle course challenges. In the videos below you can see how sensible she is and how calm and willing she is to do what's asked. This is a mare who is only going to get better and better as the right training and time is put in to her. The videos below are of Jen riding her on May 31, 2010. Thank you Linda! May you have many smiles and miles with her.
"Sage" was born at 6:15 a.m. on July 10, 2009. She is a beautiful seal bay filly with two white socks and a star. She has her sire and dam's super sweet disposition. She is out of Jen's main riding mare, Dundee, and our senior stallion, SCR's Special Attraction. She is bold and curious and is the first of the foals to come over and check out what you're doing. She has shown us a nice solid foxtrot so far. She has been a great little student and has been super easy to work with. She takes all her training in stride. There isn't much that shakes this filly up. If you're looking for a solidly built and foxtrotting mare that will be of nice size (15H+), consider Sage.
Sold ~ Thank you Ski and Betsy. Enjoy your very first Missouri Fox Trotter. ;)
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