Maxi comes to us from Jerry and Rhonda Elmore. This mare is outstanding! When she came off the trailer, everyone's mouth dropped open. She is absolutely stunning; pictures just don't do her justice. She moves like she is floating on air. She has a superb foxtrot with lots of rhythm. Her bloodlines include Playboy's Country Boy, Southern Playboy, Zane's Boss Man; just to name a few. Her personality is very, very sweet. Her conformation is extremely correct with a nice flat topline, deep hip, and a beautifully refined head with big, wide set, soft eyes. She is a seal dun. A seal dun is a horse with the seal agouti (At) and dun markings. She is an excellent cross with "Future." See their 2009 colt, Cadet,....he's stunning!! Maxi's Pedigree
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